sentenced to three years /michael-cohen- sentence -trump.html 12 Dec 2018 Michael D. Cohen, a former lawyer for President Trump, was sentenced to three /421004-cohen- sentenced-to-three - years -in-prison Im Cache 12 Dec 2018 President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen has been sentenced /michael-cohen- sentencing -in-federal-court-12- 12-2018-today-live-updates/ Im Cache 12 Dec 2018 Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was sentenced Wednesday to three years /michael-cohen- sentence -prison-mueller Im Cache 12 Dec 2018 Trump's former lawyer pleaded guilty to financial offenses, campaign finance /michael-cohen-was- sentenced-to-three - years -and-attacked- trumps-dirty-deeds/ Im Cache Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years and tried to take Trump down with