has been sentenced

https://context.reverso.net/перевод/ / has + been + sentenced Im Cache A foreigner who has been sentenced , or with respect to whom special measures
https://www.facebook.com/ has - been - sentenced prison / 1881299515298288/ The Situation has been sentenced to eight months in prison for tax fraud.
https://africanreporter.co.za/ /siyabonga-miya-24- has - been - sentenced -to-life -in- prison / Im Cache 6 Dec 2018 Tsakane – Siyabonga Miya (24) has been found guilty and sentenced to life
https://www.amazon.com/ Been - Sentenced /dp/B000EVLZ9U Im Cache    Bewertung: 3,9 - 113 Rezensionen Buy McNeill Designs You've Been Sentenced : Board Games - Amazon.com
https://hypebeast.com/2018/12/j-hus- prison - sentence -knife Im Cache 3 days ago J Hus Has Been Sentenced to Prison for Carrying Knife: The London musician