Traffic cop roadside police 1/8135541643 A traffic officer stands beside his Rover P6 V8 vehicle as he chats to colleagues roadside -vehicle-checks-for-commercial-drivers Im Cache Being stopped by the police or DVSA - fixed penalties, roadside prohibitions, /four-mpumalanga- traffic - cops -suspended-after- roadside -confrontation-with-motorist/ Im Cache 16 Jan 2019 The Mpumalanga department of community safety said on Wednesday it had /article-how- police -forces-will-handle- roadside -testing-for-marijuana/ Im Cache 12 Oct 2018 “With oral-fluid screening, there are some fundamental problems with it,” said traffic - cop roadside / b8c9f4157a8a7024a9011b6ddc78ea12 18 Jan 2019 A Gold Coast traffic cop allegedly bashed during a random breath test stop on the