Traffic cop roadside /52405-state- traffic - cops -bring-back- roadside - traps Im Cache 4 days ago The Guadalajara Reporter received several anonymous complaints of /mum-claims- traffic - officer -groped-12141792 7 Mar 2018 A mum has claimed dashcam footage shows a traffic officer groping her after / traffic - cop roadside /3299698/ 28 Dec 2017 COAST traffic cop Sergeant Dave Nelson is said to be recovering well from an traffic - cop -after-he-is- given-a-fine-video/ Im Cache 12 Dec 2017 Shocking video has emerged of a roadside altercation between a motorist and a /drama-as-truck-driver-takes-off-with-rogue- traffic - cop -who-boarded-his-lorry Im Cache He commandeered the driver to park by the road side for flouting traffic rules.