Traffic cop roadside /canada-impaired-driving- police -powers-random-tests / Im Cache 21 Jun 2018 New powers for police to test for driving while on drugs go into effect this Those / traffic - cop roadside /3299698/ 28 Dec 2017 COAST traffic cop Sergeant Dave Nelson is said to be recovering well from an /hyd- traffic - cop -s-act-kindness-goes-viral- earns-him-praise-home-minister-78874 Im Cache 2 Apr 2018 The photo of a Hyderabad traffic policeman feeding an elderly Gopal said, “ roadside -vehicle-checks-for-commercial-drivers Im Cache Being stopped by the police or DVSA - fixed penalties, roadside prohibitions, police -while-driving-your-rights Im Cache The police can stop a vehicle for any reason. If they ask you to stop, you should